My Beloved Great Grandma

Today at 1pm my great Grandma died in the hospital… my mother found out straight after. I was at shcool, finishing my lunch and enjoying myself. When I got home at 4pm, my mom blurted it out. In the car I could already see that there was something wrong, so I begged her into telling me. I already new it had something to do with that great grandmother, the one in France… I was in tears, and still am now!!! I have never seen or heard of anyone die in my family before!!! :'(

She was a family member that I loved and that I always will. My mothers side. She is in heaven look upon us, but she is still gone and will never come back.

Eclipse… The best book I’ve ever read (Third book)

You all know that I have been reading Stephanie Meyer’s series of books. I have already read Twilight and New Moon. I have just finished the third book called Eclipse.

Last year Bella’s seperation with Edward turned into a terrible wreck, she had lost all her friends and did not know any more reason to live. Now that Edward was back, and now lovingly taking care of her, he made it as if he had never left and had never put her into this sort of misery. This time his strengh was stronger, and he was ready for anything. One day when Edward sees a shoking article in the paper, about a killing sceem in Seattle, at that moment he goes straight to action; he says that the killer are also Vampires, which are called “Newborns”and are very powerful. Together with his family and with the help of the werewolf pack he tries to defeat the creatures. The thing that worries Edward the most is Victoria (James from book 1, had been killed by Edward, and since he was the Mate of Victoria, she was looking for revenge), who is the creator of those powerful “Newborn.” She is still hunting for Bella and wants to use these creatures as a distraction towards Bella and Edward, so she can make her move onto Bella.

One evening, after coming home from the Cullen’s, after a major kidnapp (not real ofcourse), she realizes that some of her things are missing. When Bella tells Edward that he should tell Alice to give her stuff back, he has no idea of what she is talking about. Who could it have been, Victoria looking for revenge? or a mysteriouse visitor? To find out READ THE BOOK!!!!

This book took me a little while to read, about 2 weeks. I read everyday, but only one or 2 chapters. I usually never read that slow, but because of school and early bedtime, I didn’t have much time to read, although I so wanted to. This book has around 640 pages. This was also an awsome book!!!!!! and guess what I got BREAKING DAWN for my birthday (breaking dawn is the 4th book).

If you want to go onto the authors website this is the link:

My first week of school

This was my first week of school, and it was pretty exciting. I met a lot of new people, new faces and ofcourse new teachers. They are all very nice and welcoming even the boys. This week was very difficult to deal with, my friends weren’t in sight, I didn’t really have a lot of people to talk to and I didn’t feel as comfortable as usual. The teachers are all very nice and help you when you need it, just like in my old school. My homeroom teacher is called Mr. Dennie and he is from Canada. He has that funny French accent that they have there. He is also very nice, and he makes jokes all the time.

At lunch we eat in a cafeteria, which has hot food every day, I sit with the girls of my class, and they talk but mostly ask me questions, and I answered and listened. It is very full there at lunchtime, at least the whole school is there (950 people).

On Thursday I had an audition in front of my music teacher; he had asked me if I would be interested in joining a musical, so I said yes and I got a part. He told me I had a wonderful voice, so I got the chorus part, very important in a musical, because they make the voice sound higher and sometimes lower. They dance and sing to every song, to make it more entertaining. The musical is called “the wedding singer”, which is also a movie. I am really excited for the first rehearsal!!!


I MISS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!



New Moon… the best book I’ve ever read!!! (second book)


Last time I wrote about Twilight, but this time I am writing about the second book New Moon!!!

In New Moon, Edward leaves Bella. Bella is so sad that she falls into depression. Everytime she thinks of him or mentions his nam, it seems as if theres a hole in her chest that she can not mend. Before he leaves, Edward makes her promise that she will not do anything stupid or reckless. He says that when he is gone, it will be like he never exsisted.To make that right, he takes everything away that would remind her of him; the photos of him in the photo album, the cd that he gave to her and even the plane tickets for Jacksonville that he had given her for her birthday. That was a part of him that she had lost and that he had taken away. Bella did not eat or sleep for days on end and that worried Charlie, he was even ready to send her away to Florida to stay with her mother. She lost almost all her school friends because of that attitude which made her lonely. Voices start to appear in here head, not just any voice but Edward’s voice. When ever she risked her life that voice would pop up. So much for the promise he made “It will be as if I never exsisted.” One day she starts hanging out with an old family friend, and thats how her depression ends; she is happy again and she can love and smile. from then on, Jacob was her best friend. Until one day when Jacob starts ignoring her. Thats when another shocking secret is revieled, Jacob Black is a werewolf. One day when Bella is alone, she sees people cliff diving and decides to try it out. When she jumps off the cliff, Alice (Edward’s sister, who can see the future) know about it straight away, and she thinks that Bella tried to commit suicide, so she doesn’t tell Edward, it would brake his heart. Alice decides to go and pay a little visit back to Forks to see if her vision was correct. Soon enough Edwards finds out about Bella’s actions by Rosalie Cullen, and immidiatly thinks she is dead. Now he starts falling into depression and he tries to get other vampires to kill him… Lucky for him, Bella and Alice come just in time to save him!!!

In the first book, Bella is in danger of a tracker Vampire called James. Because she is human, he tries to kill her and tracks her down with her scent, in the end the Cullen’s kill him instead. James’s Mate Victoria is very mad at Bella for the loss of James. She decides to kill Bella with her bare hands. Edward tries to save her from what he thinks will be the end of her life…

This book is very exciting and has a lot of suspense, yuo always want to keep reading to find out the rest. In this book I cried a little, sometimes of anger sometimes of pain or of sadness; this shows you that yuo will cry in this book. Some incredible things happen to them, but sometimes you ask yourself questions too. This book has approximatly 560 pages and the words fill each page, which discribes everything. (Just like I said in the Twilight post, and I will say it for each of these book) I would recomend this book to people who love to read and who love this type of book. Someone who is a bit advanced in reading and who can deal with sad parts or even freaky ones, people who are not affraid to cry at some parts. GOOD LUCK WITH THIS MIND BLOWING STORY!!!!

If you want to go onto the authors website this is the link:

Happy new year!!! 2009

Sorry that this post was posted 4 days late but I was grounded and wasn’t aloud to go on my PC for a couple of days!!!! Well anyway, my parents and I were invited to our neighbors’s house for dinner, together with other neighbors. As usual, dinner started at 22:30 – 23:30. Both my neighbors have one child, one of them is a girl (cassendre, the one that was in my recent post) and a 15 year old boy, Etain. All of us waited till midnight so that we could cheer. New year was celebrated the Spanish way (since our neighbor is Spanish), we waited for the church bells to start ringing and after each bell we had to eat one grape. After we made a wish. Straight after that I called my friend Emily, who used to be in the school I was in. We spoke on the phone for a while, talking about how they were doing and how the fireworks were lighting up in Holland, here in France, where we live, there are no Fireworks :(.

Etain, Cassendre, my sister and I played games for the rest of the night, it was so much fun. We played board games, we made really funny plays that we made up as we went along etc. We stayed up till 4:30 and then we dicided to sleep at Cassendre’s house, wow we had no sleep at all!!!

I wish you all a happy new year 2009 and that you all have a healthy life!!! Oh, and it’s my 13th birthday on the 19th of January, I am so excited!!!!

Skiing in the French mountains!!!

Today my family and I went skiing in the french mountain. I don’t think that I have ever been in a place so cold in entire life; there it was -11 degrees, I was freezing even with my thick skiing cloves. We were skiing for more then 4 hours, the beginning was awsome, but in the end I got tired and cold and I just wanted to go home. It was our first time on those mountains so on our way back to our car we got lost, but eventually found our way around. First I did not fall at all, but in the end, since I was tired I took less care and fell more often. Although I hadn’t skied for almost a year, you didn’t really notice the least of it, but you still kind of saw that I needed some practice. my dad was impressed, I think but he knew I still had to improve my skills of it and that I would learn it in no time. My mum and dad tought me a couple of ways to turn while you are on you skis, I tried my best but I still haven’t got it all right yet. I hope to go skiing every week now because it’s really fun.

Twilight… the best book I’ve ever read!!!


Wow this is the most incredible book I have ever read. In total it took me 3 days to read and I was attached to it. When my mother would call me I wouldn’t answer cause I was stuck in the brilliant story (that always happens to me when i am reading good books). For christmas I got the two following books after Twilight (New Moon and Eclipse), I can not wait to start them, to know how it goes on between Bella and Edward.

This book is about a 17 year old girl called Bella who moves to her father in Forks, Washinton. Her mother has to travel with her new boyfriend and thinks it would be to hektik to take her with. Bella does not like the aspect of the weather in Forks, it’s to wet and cold compared to pheanix, there it was warm and it almost never rained. At Forks she goes to school where she meets the gorgeous Cullen Family and directly falls inlove with the youngest, Edward Cullen. Edward and Bella are unsepreble and completly inlove. Oneday Bella finds out the mysterious secret behind the cullens; Edward and his family are Vampires, and thats when the story really begins…

This novel was written by Stephanie Meyer, who aparently said that this story had been a dream of hers that she had written down; she had never thought it would become a bestseller or that she would even publish it. All the publishing companys refused to publish it except for one, and they wanted her to write more of those books. This book was supposed to be called “Forks”, but the publishers changed it to Twilight, which I think is more attractive. If this book would have been called Forks, I probably would not be reading it now, it wouldn’t have caught my eye as easily and that would have been a great shame!!!

 This is an exciting book about two lovers; one of them is a vampire and the other is a normal human being. In this book there are 434 pages in the complete story, and with the rest 515. The genre of this book is Romance, fantasy and adventure. This book is set in the perspective of Bella and how she sees Edward, how she wants to stay with him forever, and of how much she loves him. I would recomend this book to people who love to read and who love this type of book. Someone who is a bit advanced in reading and who can deal with sad parts or even freaky ones. GOOD LUCK WITH THIS MIND BLOWING STORY!!!!

If you want to go onto the authors website this is the link:

I love christmas…!!!

Christmas is my favorite time of the year…. the way the christmas tree is set up, the presents and usually the dinner. Dinner for us is usually the French way, we ate meat with patatoes and yummy gravy, there is a starter, main course followed by dessert, that is so delicious!!! French people usually have dinner starting at 9 and it ends at 12, and I am not exagerating.  The gifts are usually brought and set around the tree during the night and found and opened in the morning. Thats what we did today and last night of course. We had a fabulous time at dinner, listened to christmas music and had fun; I was so hyper, I was jumping around and singing while my sister was sick in bed. we went to bed at 00.30. Although we were surounded by a couple of boxes (we hadn’t unpacked them yet) that we tried to ignore, we still had fun. The next morning my little sister woke me up at 8.30 (which is really early for me), she was so excited because a huge bag was lying by the tree. There were so many presents and also tones for me!!! I got the 2 following books after Twilight (new moon and eclipse), a makeup tray, a frame with a picture of all my friends, and a lot more…. It was so cool!!!

For my parent’s leaving party, there was a theme for the presents. My mom’s friend warned us and told us that we had to have a christmas tree. Last night when we opened the presents that my mom and dad had gotten, there were so many christmas decorations, it was unbelievably beautiful.I guessed that the price of all those presents would have cost more then at least 100 euros. There were like 15-20 deco pieces.

Today my mom had planed to have dinner at her best friends house, her name is Marie Piere and she has 3 children; one of them is 13 the middel one is 11 and the youngest 7 (Antwan, Sarah, adele). We arrived there at around 17:30. When we arrived the city was full of life. Marie Piere told us that we would go out and see a show that was taking place; Small hot air ballons were lit and thrown into the sky, it was a wonderfull sight. The hight of the snow there was at least 1m 20cm high, it came up to my waist, it was so cool. We had dinner there and had a lot of fun playing and jokeing in the snow… We even went into those baby houses where little kids play in and I accidentally broke the door of one, I couldn’t get it back on so I left it on the floor, it was soooo funny! There was also a guy in around his 30’s who was sitting in a large baby carage that was made of quade bike wheels and a large metal surounding for the top. It was able to fit a sitting man in it. He had a dummy beside his mouth which had a microphone that changed his voice into a babies and he was being so funny with his comments and his expression, it was hilarious…! 




Wow this place is different, every window that you look out of, you can see mountains, it’s beautiful!!! Out of our kitchen window you can see the “Mon Blanc” (the highest mountain in Europe). The people here seem kind and i’ve already found a friend, she is our neighbor (she lives behind us) and her name is Casandre, she is really nice. She is 12 years old so we get along quite well. We have a huge field of grass that belongs to our propperty, so our dog, gypsy, is very happy here!!!

We arrived here 2 days ago at 5 in the morning, and since then we have been unpacking our stuff. I havn’t properly realized that we have moved yet. It is so difficult to notice because for me it seems like a holiday and that we will be back in holland in a couple of days. 

I have already spoken to a couple of my friends but I miss them like crazy.I start school on the 12th of January and I am so nervous. I am afraid that I won’t get any friends here at school (I am not very good at that) or that I don’t fit in. The thing that is weird here is that we can actually understand what the other people are saying, not like we couldn’t understand in Holland, but now it’s as if we actually fit into the country and the place. The people here are a little kinder (well that’s what I think), they don’t make you wait at a crossing for ages, as soon as they see you waiting, they use their brakes and let you pass; in Holland, people make you wait forever before you can actually cross the road. My mother also feels more free here, since she is French, so she understands and feels like she is more a part of it. 

I am happy though that I can keep my blog, so that people can stay in touch with me, even the people that I don’t know personally like Sam, but even the others that I do know can see what I do here in France, like what I read or what the latest gossip is from all the goodie too shoe girls. I will also write about my first day of school which might not be the best post that I’ve written but it might be interesting.

I mss you guys!!!! 🙁 PLEEZ DONT FORGET ME!!!!!!!!!


My fare – well – party!!!

Last night I had an awsome party with all of my friends and all of my sister’s friends (I think we were 65 in total). The beginning was fairly boring but after we had dinner and a couple of games we started playing the song MAMA MIA and thats when the party really started. The most amusing song was LOW, my whole class started dancing and they all seemed to be having fun. My little sister’s friends seemed to be more difficult. They made messes (in the bathroom), hid my camera and I found it behind a stereo, they climbed over a gate and ran off playing in a forbidden spot, etc. At one point of the party Yann (a friend who also has edublogs) started walking around with high heels, mascarra and a fur coat; his mother had asked me to teach him how to walk with the shoes, that was a laugh!!!
My friend, Lottie, made speeches for me and sang songs. She had made and album in a week which had clearly shown me what kind of a friend she is: a fantastic friend with a great personallity. In one of Lottie’s speeches she really made me emotional; as soon as she pronounced the word Switzerland and France I burst out crying and I was so emotional that I had people crowding around me.
All the girls of my class had a made a wonderful present for me, they mad a cookie jar, it might sound strange that this is wonderful but they had each written their names on it and they had each made a drawing. On the lid there were 15 elephants (the back of the elephant) and under each elephant there was one of the girls’ names. For this I had to thank Susan the mother/ artist of my good friend Emily (who moved school this year) who mostly made this jar and to ALL the girl… THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!